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Don’t follow the trends, and why I will keep using the Atom Text Editor

20 December, 2018

So every so often I’ll see a new blog post, or tweet, or video of someone talking about how they’ve configured vim to be the new and…

Setup your own private Tor Bridge with OBFS4Proxy for fun and profit on Google Compute Engine

08 September, 2018

Recently I discovered that my college’s Wi-Fi network (and most likely, their commercial firewall Fortinet is on their behalf, without their…

Configuring an Ubuntu Development Environment for PHP

02 September, 2018

Recently I enrolled in a college to gain new technical skills in web application development, computer networking, and cyber security. One…

Tor Exits and Centralized DNS Resolvers

11 May, 2018

The Tor Project provides a powerful tool, Tor, to protect your privacy online and provides its users strong online anonymity protections…

This site is now a blog :)

10 May, 2018

Hi everyone. As I promised I have turned into a blog. There isn’t much to see at the moment but over the next few months I’m…